Are You A Senior Looking For Mobility Help? We Sell Stair Lifts in Lima, Ohio

The Stair Solution for You

If you thought a stair lift couldn’t be installed in your Lima, OH home because you have a custom built staircase, one that’s extremely steep, has an odd number of stairs or is narrow, think again.  Custom Home Elevator is the leading home mobility team that can give you the right way to get up and down the stairs of your home when you can no longer handle this task.  No matter what the situation you present, Custom Home Elevator has the solution that will get you what you need.

Do you have a small landing staircase with only a few stairs?  Are you looking at a winding staircase that goes around a central point?  Even these situations can be handled with ease when you partner with Custom Home Elevator for the stair lift solution for you in Lima, OH.  You won’t have to be concerned about the challenges of your home anymore when you see this team.  They know how to build the right stair lift that will bring you to the top floor of your home so that you can enjoy your entire house and not have to worry any longer.

At Custom Home Elevator, the goal is to make you as comfortable as possible with their products in your home.  You can have an easy ride up the stairs in a seat that’s made for you or your own chair.  This team will make sure you have the stair lift for your Lima, OH home that gives you the solution you want and the equipment you need to ensure you’re on your way to the top of the stairs without the concerns or pain that come with an inability to handle moving up the stairs on your own.

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