Chairlift in Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Columbus (IN), and Dayton

Aging in place has been coined as the term for people that are looking to stay where they live for as long as possible Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Columbus (IN), Dayton, and the surrounding areas. They do this by making modifications to their home that allows for helpful devices to increase mobility, such as widening doors for wheelchairs, and installing chairlifts so they can access all levels of their home. Adding a chairlift to your home drastically reduces the chances that you or someone else will have an accident on the stairs. When you are thinking about different mobility options like a chairlift, give a call to Custom Home Elevator and talk with their experienced team. They will even come out to inspect your stairs and offer you a variety of choices for your chairlift.

Chairlift in Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Columbus (IN), and DaytonSafety Features In Chairlifts For The Home

Chairlifts now feature things like seats that swivel at the top of the stairs for easy on/easy off for the rider; designs that can fold up against the wall allowing for the stairs to be used normally; retractable seat belts to keep them from becoming an obstruction to the use of the chairlift; obstruction sensors to prevent issues with the chairlift operation; batteries that allow the use of the chairlift even when the power goes out so that occupants are not forced to use the stairs; larger seat options to provide space for all types of users; plus many more features to ensure that everyone is safe using the chairlift.

Chairlifts have come a long way, and now incorporate numerous safety features that help to keep you and your loved ones safe. Stairs themselves are a hazard, even to those without mobility issues, and the loss of control by not being able to use the stairs in your own home disappears with the installation of a chairlift. They can even be installed outdoors as well, so the stairs leading to the front door are no longer a challenge.

Chairlifts Allow Mobility

By adding a chairlift to your stairs, either indoors or outdoors, you are enhancing mobility for anyone that lives or visits the home. It doesn’t matter if they are elderly, have issues from an accident, are recovering from surgery, or maybe are just tired from a long day, a chairlift provides mobility to anyone that needs it. No matter what your stairs are like at your Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Columbus (IN), Dayton, or surrounding area home, Custom Home Elevators can show you the right chairlift for your needs.

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