Custom Home Elevator – Elevator in Lexington

Stop the Workout

If you have a child that’s disabled and in a wheelchair but you own a home with all the bedrooms on the upper floors of the home you may have a problem on your hands.  You can choose to create a daily workout in the morning and evening to bring your child up and down the stairs, but that doesn’t give them access to their room throughout the day.  A better solution would be to install an elevator form Custom Home Elevator in your Lexington home and have a great way to move your child up and down the stairs.

Another aspect of carrying a child up and down the stairs you must consider is the safety of you and your child.  If you should fall, one or both of you could be injured in the process.  Also, your child is going to grow and become heavier, making it harder and harder to carry them up and down these stairs.  Let the team with over a century of experience install an elevator in your Lexington home so you can both safely move from floor to floor in your home in the perfect system for you.

Custom Home Elevator has the solution you need to ensure you have the elevator you need in your Lexington home.  Their products are certified and will fit in with your home with years.  Let this team bring you the right system for your home that will allow your child to have access to their room on the second floor anytime they want it.  With this elevator not only will you save your back and knees over time, but your child can have the freedom they want to be able to move throughout your home like everyone else.

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