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Don’t Get Trapped in Your Own Home

When you’ve had an injury or disease that’s left you disabled and in need of a wheelchair you can feel trapped in your own home.  If your home has a staircase or worse, more than one staircase, you can feel like you only have access to one area of your home.  Many times when an injury has left you with the paralysis you feel, your family may move you to a ground level floor during your recovery time, but you’ll eventually need one of the elevators from Custom Home Elevator for your Louisville home.

During your recovery your family and friends may have been present and helpful, and some are probably willing to be of permanent assistance, but what would make you feel more independent is the ability to access your entire home.  That’s were Custom Home Elevator comes in.  This team of experts will not only offer you a selection of elevators for your Louisville home, but they can help you feel free and capable once again with their professional solutions that make every room easy to get to and useful to you once again.

Let the Certified Accessibility Technicians (CATs) and the over a century of experience from Custom Home Elevator go to work for you.  They can provide you with the right selection of elevators for you home so that you can choose the one that makes sense for you in your Louisville home.  This team has everything you need to be able to make you feel free and capable in your own home once again.  You won’t feel trapped to one floor or one room; instead, the solutions offered will give you access to your entire home and let you enjoy your home again.

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