Door Openers in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio!

An automatic door opener from Custom Home Elevator can be installed almost anywhere.

We offer a residential door opener suitable for homes, condominiums, apartments, and other buildings – anywhere you need a door to open automatically in your home. Our unit comes at an affordable price and is easy to retrofit, so we won’t have to modify your doors or jambs to install it. Even better, our units plug into a standard wall outlet, so you won’t need any special electrical wiring, and we supply complete instructions with every unit.

Our door openers are designed for versatility, so they’ll fit most interior and exterior doors, with left and right hand opening options, door or jamb mounting, and low profiles. We have doors that are activated by a remote wired or a wireless signal, depending on your needs, and you can choose from push plate or button styles. Whatever your needs and style, Custom Home Elevator is your door opener specialist!

Commercial, Residential & Industrial Uses

Our door openers aren’t just for your home – Custom Home Elevator offers business owners a cost-effective, rapid way to comply with ADA entrance requirements. Convert your manual doors to use automatic door openers for ease of access without all the added costs of completely rebuilding your doorway. We can design and install a new door opener for any disability need. All of our door openers are UL-listed so your hospital, school, or business can be easily opened for evacuation during an emergency.

We have been satisfying customers throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana for nearly two decades with our automatic door openers, and we have an extensive background and experience in all types of home mobility and accessibility products. Our focus is on customer service, from our professional dress and demeanor to our service warranty, so you can be sure you’re getting the best in the business when you call Custom Home Elevator. Through our courteous delivery and personalized service, we will exceed your expectations every time.

Our Accreditations in Excellent Standing