Elevators in Louisville, Lexington, Columbus, OH, Dayton, Indianapolis, and Surrounding Areas

If you have grandparents or aging parents then you understand the perils of having a staircase in your house. But worry not, the professionals of Custom Home Elevator and Lift Company are here with a wide variety of residential elevators for our customers. With an experience of over 20 years, we offer our customers an in-depth estimation of each project – no more, no less.  Our experts will be with you every step while you make the decision to choose the correct mobility system as per your requirements. Our uncompromising focus on customer service, professional and courteous approach, and linking career advancement opportunities to the actual customer service we provide have all helped us in increasing our client base in the regions of Louisville, Lexington, Columbus, OH, Dayton, Indianapolis, Sidney, OH.

Elevators in Louisville, Lexington, Columbus, OH, Dayton, IndianapolisBelow you have mentioned the 2 different kinds of house elevators that are available in the market. Take a look.

  1. Pneumatic vacuum tube

Tube ensures a quiet and smooth ride.  They do not use any cable or pulley system to operate instead they are air-driven elevators basically operate on the laws of physics. It is actually the air beneath the elevator car that helps in the movement of the unit. With the push of a button the pressure from above the tube Pushes it downwards and also the opposite happens when the pressure from below is increased forcing the elevator to go up.

  1. Hydraulic Elevator

This is quite similar to a conventional elevator, Using both rope and a piston to move up and down. Since this option is affordable and has a relatively lower maintenance cost, hydraulic elevators are a much preferred choice for other types of home elevators.

So, if you are looking to build an elevator whether within or outside your residential property, you can talk to us on 513- 583- 5910.

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