Looking For Stairlift Rentals In Lexington KY

A stairlift rental lexington ky is the perfect answer for the person who feels challenged by stairs. A stairlift is a safe and efficient way for you to travel the stairs in your home. These marvelous devices are equipped with many safety features and with a battery backup, so it will still work during a power outage. A person does not need to be handicapped to use the stairlift, and it can be used by a person weighing up to 300 pounds. A model is also available for a person weighing 400 pounds. This is the most dependable stairlift on the market and it is a great convenience for the person who is challenged by stairs.

The stairlift rental lexington ky is mounted securely to a rail, and it travels in a track from one point to another point. The seat is designed to fold up when not in use. Several safety features are incorporated into the stairlift design. The rider is in complete control of the movement of the stairlift by using either a remote control or a control in the armrest.

The stairlift rental lexington ky is a high quality stairlift designed to provide a stable and smooth ride. The offset swivel seat helps the rider to get on and off with ease. The seat is plush and it can be adjusted for the comfort of the rider. A footrest will ensure that the rider will be able to keep their feet from coming in contact with the steps. The seat, armrests and footrest fold up when the stairlift is not being used.

The stairlift rental lexington ky has safety features which include obstruction sensors, a seat belt, and a device to ensure that the stairlift does not start or stop abruptly.

You can arrange for a stairlift rental lexington ky with a call to our office. A rental can be arranged for a limited amount of time for a limited need, or to see if it is the answer you are looking for.

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